Everything You need to know from serving to preserving your Wedding Cake

Once you set your wedding’s date, make sure you have an approximate guest list and have chosen your wedding colours and theme before you consider your cake.  It is a good idea to have a picture or pictures of the cakes you like.


Price determining factors: the cake size determine the basic cost.  The more tiers you have the more expensive your cake will be.  Similarly, the more flowers that decorate your cake, the more your cake will cost.  Ice embroidery lace work, icing sculptures, hand painted cakes will also be more costly due to the time and skill require.


Ordering the cake: Cake decorator suggest you order your cake 12 to 16 weeks prior to your wedding.


Size, cake flavours, decoration: The size depend upon the number of guests at your reception and whether you will be serving dessert or coffee slices.  Check with your cake decorator which flavours can bake to ensure you get the cake flavour of your choice.  The colour and decorations that adorn your wedding cake are entirely of your choosing.


Dressing your cake:  A cake table decorated with a linen cloth and ruffle will generally be set near the bridal table.  Otherwise you will need to organise a small cake table.


Payment:  When you order your cake, it is standard practice for your decorator to ask for half of the cost of the cake as a deposit.  This allows your decorator to purchase the necessary ingredients to start making your cake flower or decorations.  Payment in full is usually requested on the wedding day or a week prior to the wedding.